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Our belts are not sized via jean or breech size. They are sized in inches, measured from where the buckle attaches to the leather, to the center hole of the belt. Here's three quick ways to find your Blake size. 

If You Have A Beloved Belt

Take your favorite belt and measure it from where the buckle meets the leather to the hole you use most often. The measurement in inches is your belt size. If you aren't sure which hole you use most, measure to the center hole. 

If You Don't Have A Belt That Fits

If you don't have a belt that fits you, measure your waist or hips at the point where you like your pants to sit, and add two. If that's an odd number, round up to the next even number.

If You Don't Have A Measuring Tape

If you can't get your hands on a measuring tape, take your usual jeans size and add four. (Or, if you like a lot of overlap, add six.) If that's an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. For example - if you wear a 28 jean, you will likely be happy with a 32 if you wear your pants at the waist, or a 34 if you prefer a mid-or low-rise. When in doubt, size up!

Will My Belt Stretch? 

Our belts stretch very little - they are made from high quality, fairly heavy leather. The samples we've been wearing for years have stretched about one hole, if that, and all our belts with punched holes have five holes for plenty of adjustability. Our Circle Belts have no holes and are infinitely adjustable. See our Product Care page for more. 

Sizing Questions

Still have questions? We've got you - just ring us at hello@blakegoods.com and we'll help you out!