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blake goods circle belt

"Just super simple and well made."
Man Repeller
blake goods belt    blake goods center bar belt 
"It’s clear that these belts - unlike the cheap plastic ones I was used to wearing - are built to last (and will age well doing it)."
Chlo and Clothes




Outside Rein Blake Goods
Blake Goods Circle Belt
 "In a long overdue flurry of innovation and style, clever designers have developed functional and technical gear, as well as a genre of stable-to-street clothing intended to take the savvy equestrian 'from the barn to the bar' ... i f you’re feeling a bit more premeditated about your stable-to-street vibe, we’ve put together a collection of equine focused ready-to-wear options that you’re less likely to spot ringside at the winter circuits."
Outside Rein, "Stable to Street: The Edit"