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Blake Goods Belts || Horse Glam
"Equestrians know a thing or two about leather goods.  We have high expectations when it comes to leather quality and durability, and equally high expectations when it comes to its aesthetics. When Jessie founded Blake Goods, she knew exactly the sort of equestrian-inspired leather belt she wanted to bring to both the mainstream and equestrian markets."

Blake Goods Delivers || Horse Glam


Blake Goods Equestrian Belts || Noelle Floyd

"My friend Jessie started a belt company called Blake Goods; they’re really nice looking. I just got a black one from her with a silver ring and it has been a missing link in my closet."

A Rider's Closet: At Home With Amelia Diamond || Noelle Floyd



 Sidelines Magazine 


Blake Goods Belts || Sidelines Magazine


“What I love about horses is that what you give to them, they give back to you,” founder Jessie added. “When you love your horses they blossom. Whether they’re worn on the street or in the show ring, I put a lot of love into my belts, and want what I create to give back to anyone who wears it.”

Creating Heirloom Fashion || Sidelines Magazine




man repeller blake goods
blake goods circle belt

"Just super simple and well made."
Man Repeller


Blake Goods || The Chronicle Of The Horse

"Previous generations knew a lot about how to make things last... Bridlework lasts a lifetime, why can't apparel?"
Untacked Magazine || March/April 2019



Blake Goods - Goblin Shark

"This is now the only belt I own, and to be honest, it might be the only belt I ever own – it’s that perfect." 

Thoughts On Leather: Why I Choose Blake Goods || Goblin Shark
blake goods belt    blake goods center bar belt 
"It’s clear that these belts - unlike the cheap plastic ones I was used to wearing - are built to last (and will age well doing it)."
Equestrian-Inspired Leather Belts || Chloe Alysse




Blake Goods Everyday Belt


"I’m really excited to have a belt that I can put energy into preserving; it feels like i have more of a connection to it." 

Forever Leather || The Quarterrican




Blake Goods Circle Belt in Caramel

"Jessie, the founder of Blake Goods, grew up with horses. I grew up in traffic jams, but I share Jessie’s love for high quality leather. Especially if goods are produced sustainably: all leather the brand uses to make their belts is vegetable tanned and comes from one of the oldest American tanneries."

Eco-Friendly Accessories: Alisa Koz




Outside Rein Blake Goods
Blake Goods Circle Belt
 "We’ve put together a collection of equine focused ready-to-wear options that you’re less likely to spot ringside at the winter circuits."




Blake Goods Belt
"To add a little drama, I added my tan equestrian-style belt."