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man repeller blake goods
blake goods circle belt

"Just super simple and well made."
Man Repeller



Blake Goods - Goblin Shark

"This is now the only belt I own, and to be honest, it might be the only belt I ever own – it’s that perfect." 

Goblin Shark
blake goods belt    blake goods center bar belt 
"It’s clear that these belts - unlike the cheap plastic ones I was used to wearing - are built to last (and will age well doing it)."
Chlo and Clothes




Blake Goods Everyday Belt


"I’m really excited to have a belt that I can put energy into preserving; it feels like i have more of a connection to it." 

 The Quarterrican




Blake Goods Circle Belt in Caramel

"Jessie, the founder of Blake Goods, grew up with horses. I grew up in traffic jams, but I share Jessie’s love for high quality leather."