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About Blake Goods

A Note From Our Founder

As a lifelong equestrian, I grew up in a world where we rely on our leather goods to keep us safe, last for decades and expect them to look beautiful in the process. For years, I bought belts and bags hoping for the quality of the leather I remembered from my childhood, but found most commercial leather goods lacked the rich smell and sturdy feel of the leather I wanted. Even worse, they often disintegrated within a year of two of wear. 

I found a factory in the States that focused on equestrian leatherwork, and a tannery still making old-world bridle leather, and decided to bring my own belts to the market. Every Blake Goods piece is designed in Brooklyn, inspired by the aesthetic and durability of equestrian strap goods, made of premium vegetable tanned bridle leather, and manufactured by expert leather artisans in a small American factory.

Our belts have a very simple journey from raw hide to your waist, which allows us to bring you extraordinary quality at a fair price.

I hope your Blake Goods pieces bring you many happy years in and out of the saddle.

The Leather

90% of the world's commercially made leather is "chrome tanned," which quickly & inexpensively tans a raw hide into leather using a mix of chemicals including chromium. A major byproduct of chrome tanning is toxic wastewater with a detrimental environmental impact, especially in the developing countries where chemical tanneries are often located. 

We source our vegetable tanned bridle leather from Wickett & Craig, the oldest tannery in America and one of the best. Each hide is selected from North American cattle stock and vegetable tanned in Pennsylvania. Veg tanning is an eco-friendly, old world tanning method that transforms hide to leather in a process that can take six to eight weeks per hide.

This slow, natural tanning process can only be done by skilled workers and results in leather known for unmatched durability and beauty. Once tanned, the leather goes through a finishing process to become bridle leather. It is deeply dyed in drums and "stuffed" with waxes and oils to create a leather that is smooth, flexible and durable with a flawless, even surface. 


The Factory

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania, our partner factory has been making fine leather goods for over forty years.  So close to Wickett & Craig that they can hop in the car and hand-pick the best hides for us, they are masterful creators of high-quality bridles, harnesses, bags and belts. Each hide is cut, creased, stitched, bevelled and burnished by experienced craftspeople who have spent a lifetime in the leather goods industry. Blake Goods is honored to bring their handiwork to you.